Marlene Lewis of Humor & Heart Color Design Studio

Welcome to
Humor & Heart
Color Studio!

Founded by Interior Stylist & Certified Color Expert Marlene Lewis, Humor and Heart demystifies the color selection process, ensuring that creating a unique color palette for your home is a vibrant and joyful journey of self-expression.

Now, more than ever, we want our homes to reflect our personal taste and style. We are decorating for fun, relaxation, work and study; often relying on social media and design magazines for paint and style inspiration. Unfortunately, all too often the hues we choose don’t achieve the desired outcome when the images leap from the web to our walls.


“Picking paint can be the most frustrating element of designing a room. You find the perfect shade, but the sample on the wall isn’t even close, or it looks OK in daylight and all wrong at night. Paint is all they do — they’re supremely skilled in color theory and the forces in each space that play upon it.”

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