Our Process


After getting to know one another during an initial phone call, you will be asked to complete a Pre-Appointment form. This gives us a chance to start working prior to our in-person meeting.


Once we narrow down color choices, we provide large color samples for you to have at home so you can live with and love your new hues before committing to the larger expense of hiring a contractor to complete your home’s transformation.


Our work together does not have to end once a color palette is chosen. All clients receive a personalized Humor and Heart guidebook to reference for detailed information about your home’s new color palette and instructions for completing the work. We offer decor selection and interior styling services, as well.

Whether you are searching for a relaxing hue for the bedroom, looking to add some cheer to a family space, or painting your front door, our process is the same. We get to know your unique likes/dislikes and walk you through the process of colorfully transforming your space from the inside out.